How to boost productivity,reduce costs and become sustainable with digital transformation.

As costs rise, digital transformation on the production floor has become the need of the hour. Many manufacturers are moving towards digital technologies to bring higher output, reduce costs and manage labour issues.

Have you digitally transformed your production floor?

Not yet?

KingslakeBlue Line Balancing, a garment production software that leverages AI-driven functions to optimize line balancing and help IE teams maximize productivity.

Join Kingslake as we navigate through some of the issues faced with manual line balancing and how KingslakeBlue Line Balancing helps solve them in a matter of minutes.

Event Details

Date: 30th November 2023

Time: 3.15p.m onwards

Venue: First floor, Kingslake, Colombo 3

Participants of the event will get a special 50% OFF on the KingslakeBlue Line Balancing software.


Speaker Photo
Reshan Perera

A seasoned Project Manager with Kingslake, spearheading in projects for the apparel sector. With an impressive background boasting over 4 years of extensive expertise in Industrial Engineering and Production Planning, Reshan brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

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