Boost apparel production efficiency with simplified line balancing

AI powered line balancing software helps your teams plan & balance production lines with in minutes!

Take your production from chaos to control.

Transform your production line's efficiency and capacity utilization with KingslakeBlue Line Balancing, a garment production software that leverages AI-driven functions to optimize line balancing and help IE teams maximize productivity.

Remove bottlenecks, identify excess capacity and provide replacement suggestions for absent operators in a matter of minutes. Make decisions based on skill matrices,data-driven insights and more visibility to your reporting.

Quick turnarounds with AI-powered
line balancing

Boost line utilization

Eliminate bottlenecks

Identify training gaps

Reallocation for absentee operators

Many benefits, one solution to maximize your ROI



Increase in factory efficiency



Increase in operator productivity



Saving in management time



Time saving for Work Study Officer

Automated line suggestions

Got a style to produce? The in-built AI tool suggests the best line to use for production, based on the layout and historical skills data.


Optimal capacity balancing

Resolve critical bottlenecks like low line efficiencies, operator reallocation and much more instantly using AI-driven capacity balancing.


Absentee balancing

Absentees, no problem. A pool of best employee suggestions will be given for reallocation, in place of the absentee operator. Keep your production lines at maximum efficiency without any delays.

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    Track, evaluate and monitor key performance indicators to get the most out of your factory.

    KingslakeBlue Line Balancing has significantly transformed Omegaline's production floor. Its built-in AI tools have enhanced efficiency, reduced delays, and saved time for our IE & Planning teams. These quick turnarounds & cost savings have resulted in increased profitability for us.

    Shamil Azhar

    CIO, Omega Group

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    Increase in manufacturing throughput

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